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Case Studies of Asian American Women

On Speaking Up, Standing Up and Showing Up!


Case Study 1:

This client is the second generation of Vietnamese American descent, a professional woman, 38 years old, married, and has two young children (age 7 & 3). 


She wanted to improve in these areas:

1) To get a new position with a suitable title within her company that fits her personality while benefiting her career growth.

2) She wants to feel confident speaking up and sharing her thoughts during executive and private meetings with her boss and the company’s founders.

3) She wants to improve her relationship with her parents. She also wants her siblings to help out caring for her aging parents, as she felt so much burden being the eldest child in the family.

4) She wants her husband to help with the children and some housework as an equal partner in the marriage.

We worked on these crucial areas during weekly coaching sessions:

  • She learned that males and females have different communication styles and expressions. She receives better results once she uses the word that the males are familiar with.
  • In Asian culture, authority and hierarchy are the cultural norms. Once this client recognizes this blind spot, she has an easier time speaking up with her bosses at work and her parents at home as equals while still showing respect.
  • After she identified the beliefs that prevented her from doing what she loved, she focused on a positive mindset to create new inspiring and empowering beliefs that are true and resonate more with who she is. She felt happier and more confident showing up in her skin.

Here are the results after the 6-month weekly coaching:

1) She got that position with the title she wanted and received very generous compensation. She moved from operation to managing multi-million dollars accounts. She had to convince her boss that she was ready & capable of this new position, and the company would gain more from her moving to this new position.

2) She now has more confidence to share her ideas during executive meetings. She gained her boss’s trust, her colleague’s support, and her team’s respect. Her team showed more initiative & creativity in handling projects during a merger and during the time of her transition.

3) She now has greater empathy, appreciation, and love toward her parents because she understands what it is like to be in their shoes. Her siblings are now taking turns to care for her parents’ needs as well.

4) She was able to stop the “divorce track” because her husband understands what she needs and how he can help her. Today, they utilize more resources to satisfy both of their needs. They have weekly dating nights without their children.

Case Study 2:

This client is the first generation of Vietnamese American descent, a 54-year-old housewife, married for 30 years with adult children.


Here were the goals that she wanted: 

1) Increase her self-esteem & confidence.

2) Have better communication with her husband and children. She wanted them to listen to what she had to share and follow her advice.

3) Find a low investment business or some manual work that she can generate at least $200 a day net.

We worked on these areas during our weekly coaching sessions:

  • Her cultural bias set her up for different expectations for her sons than her daughters. This bias had caused many arguments and comparisons among her children. When she admitted that she had treated them differently and promised to treat them equally regardless of gender or the order of birth, her children started to listen to her more.
  • She used to think that “a woman’s purpose is to make her husband and her children happy.” If the wife or a mom failed to do that, that woman didn’t live her purpose. After a few sessions, she finally agreed that happiness is up to the individual; no one can expect someone else to make them happy. She felt relief and was more accepting of her role as a mom and a wife.
  • She had a clear sense of the type of business she wanted to buy and operate. We worked on evaluating that business to make sure that this business fit the lifestyle that she wanted.

After three months of weekly coaching, here are the results that this client achieved:

  • She found a flower shop business, where she could run it virtually from her garage. She generated $200+ a day from this business, working part-time. Her self-esteem and confidence have improved tremendously due to owning this business. Today, she makes daily business decisions; her network expanded beyond frequent customers and vendors.
  • Her children and husband often ask for her input, and they listen to it closely and treat it seriously. She felt heard and respected by her family.
  • Today, she is very grateful for her life, relationships, and the growth she is experiencing.

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