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Asian Women of Power 
My Iron-Clad, Unwavering Promise to YOU

Empowering you as an Asian woman to speak up and stand up in your power is my unwavering promise to YOU! I want you to communicate and connect with anyone, no matter their age, gender, or social status. Feeling embarrassed, lacking confidence, and not at peace with your life? Those feelings and concerns like them will be a thing of the past.

Living a happy life and creating a worthy legacy is at the heart of everything I do! Not only will you be able to show up powerfully and confidently, but you will also be a great role model for future generations. I want you to feel heard, seen and understood. Being better, doing better, and gaining respect and acceptance from Americans. I know what it takes to stand up strong for what you believe in to feel worthy, respected, and accepted in another country.

Not only will I soothe your struggles, but you also will:
1. Gain freedom as a newborn, with a clear mind and a blank history.
● You will discover that the shame, guilt, and unworthy feelings were the reasons for you to feel bound, restricted, and suffocated. When you recognize those reasons (i.e., limiting beliefs and saboteurs' voices), you will be more curious about the world around you.
● When you can connect the dots, everything is included in your life. You will see that everything is connected and everything has a purpose to serve you.
● You know that there are many things in life you cannot control, including your spouse and your children! The only thing you can control are your thoughts and your actions. When you lead your life with positive thoughts and productive actions, the outcomes will be more favorable.
2. Avoid decades of pain and sorrow in your adult life because of missed opportunities and mishaps.
● Once you understand your deepest desires (not superficial & artificial materials), you can achieve them with more ease, instead of allowing your emotions to lead your course of action.
● When you see that everyone has their life journey, and there is no comparison on who’s doing better, you will be more focused and make the most out of it. The best use of your time with your life is learning to enjoy and appreciate the roads and your traveling companions.
● Most of the time, things happen for a reason, and it’s not your fault. When you learn to reflect on the experience and seek a gift or an opportunity from those unforeseen situations, you will learn something, which will benefit you in the future.
3. Feel good about who you are and who you have become - your true identity.
● When you are clear about what you want and what matters in the long run, you will make decisions that align with your values. And when you do, you feel good about it.
● You will see mistakes in the past as learning opportunities for you to become wiser, and because of that, you make better choices for bigger decisions for the rest of your life.
● You become more forgiving and generous with time and money to people who are important to you. Peace, Love, and Harmony are important priorities for you, and you use them to guide your life and relationships with others.

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