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How do I know that coaching will work for me, and that it will help me achieve my goals?

  • Coaching works if you are commit to do whatever it takes, and take daily actions toward your goals.
  • For the coach to give you an accurate assessment on your situation, your skills, and your capabilities to handle tough situations, you would need to be authentic and opened to let the coach know where you are stuck, how you feel, and what you really want.
  • Once the picture of what you want is clear, the coach will give you the plan & action items to be executed after the sessions. The result will take time, and if you do what your coach asked of you, no matter how hard it seems, you will eventually turn things around. 

What kind of benefits can I get from working with you? 

  • My coaching is all about LIFE for Asian American professional women. My goal is to help you create the life that you dreamed of NOW, so that you can feel happy & fulfilled with all decisions you make at every stage in your life.
  • As an Asian American woman, you have a unique challenge at home & at work because there are many layers that affect it: 1) Your cultural influence, 2) Your gender, 3) your relationships status, 4) your financial & educational background. Without understanding the impact of these layers on you, the coaching might not be effective.  This is a reason you would benefit a lot from my experience, because I’ve been there, done that, and have found a solution to get through life and enjoy the journey.
  • Whether you are looking to get a job promotion, find a new career that fits you better, improve your marriage, or have better relationships with your boss, your children and your parents, or you just want to be more at peace, increase self-confidence, I can help you obtain those results and more.
  • Your income will be increased, due to your improved performance, leadership and expanded influence. Your home life will be more harmonious.  You will feel happier, and more at peace.

What’s your coaching style like?

  • Most of our coaching sessions are not pre-planned. We work on the issues that you bring up during that session.
  • If you need to learn new skills (i.e. how to ask your boss for a raise, or how to ask your spouse to help around the house, etc…), I will teach you the skills & transfer some knowledge, then we will do role play, so you feel more confident to do it by yourself.
  • My style is direct. I don’t sugar coat what I hear or see from my clients.  I tell my clients what they need at the moment, I give them verbal & emotional support and encourage them to take actions.

How much time do I need to set aside for coaching?

  • Each coaching session is typically 50 to 60 minutes. It’s most effective if you have weekly sessions, so that you will be more consistence with your progress.

What’s your background and the types of training have you taken or been certified as a coach?

  • Engineer & manager for high tech companies.
  • Started many businesses in different industries: network marketing, janitorial service, private lending, real estate investing, investor, trader, property manager, coach.
  • Certified in: Law of Attraction, B.A.N.K. (personality assessment), Clear Beliefs, Team Coaching, Accelerating Coach Excellence, Positive Intelligence.
  • And many trainings on Communication with different genders, Taking Responsibility, Integrity,

Do you follow a Code of Ethics?

  • Yes, we follow the Global Code of Ethics, version 3.  All new clients will receive a soft copy.

What qualities should I look for from the coach’s background? 

  • Background & Culture: Find the coach with similar background & culture, and who has what you want to have for you.
  • Personality & Relatedness: find a coach that you can trust and be open to. You can tell by your gut instinct during your discovery session.
  • Life experiences. After all, this is about life.  Someone with a lot of life experience (in age & the things that they have done) would be more beneficial than someone with little experience.  The more life experiences the coach has, the larger the scope and the richer perspectives the coach can provide to you.

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